India Gaming Summit to be held on 21 November


MUMBAI: Intel and Zapak have joined hands for the India Gaming Summit 2008, which will be held on 21 November in Mumbai.

According to the NASSCOM 2007 report, the gaming industry is projected to touch $200 million by 2011, as opposed to $20 million in 2007-08 measure.

The period has been decisive as it has laid the foundation for the future. With large investments being made in creating infrastructure in content, distribution and access, the industry is fast gaining momentum. Looking ahead how is the "Gaming Eco System" shaping up; the India Gaming Summit 2008 looks for answers to the opportunities and challenges it presents. IGS 2008 as in its previous edition creates a platform for heads of industry, technocrats, advertisers and the trade to meet and deliberate the path for the future.

The summit would cover the following regarding the Gaming Industry:

* Gaming on the road to 2011: An overview on how the India Gaming industry plans to gear up to reach the estimated target of $200 million.

* Driving the Gaming Eco System – Opportunities an Challenges: This session provides a unique opportunity to look at what drives Gaming in India.

* Infrastructure and Technology – Opportunities and Challenges: The backbone of gaming is based on technology – what do the tech guys have to say about this industry.

* Distribution and Access – Opportunities and Challenges: Distribution and access form the core of gaming. How is India taking gaming to the masses.

* Marketing and Advertising: Understanding of media structure, media potential, consumption habits, etc. Case studies on successful brand partnerships, insights and learning.

The Gaming Summit will have leading industry stalwarts coming from the varied fields namely, gaming, media, advertising fraternity, addressing important dynamics of the industry. There will be panel discussions addressing different topics which will involve industry players from diverse fraternities.

Some of the speakers are: Reliance Entertainment Ltd president Rajesh Sawhney, Zapak Digital Entertainment COO Rohit Sharma, Intel (South Asia) director marketing Prakash Bagri, Kreeda CEO Quentin Poulet, NVIDIA manager-sales, South East Asia Nishant Goyal, Microsoft India regional director – entertainment and devices Jaspreet Bindra, Mindshare partner, inventions Madan Sanglikar.

Sharma says, "We created a leadership position by holding India Gaming Summit last year. It was the first ever full day gaming conference in India which was attended by the top gaming fraternity – national and international. Taking the success and the same vision forward the second India Gaming Summit has the biggest line up of gaming professionals in India. It will be attended by the top gaming, technology and marketing stalwarts. It is in line of our vision to create a gaming revolution in India."

"The gaming industry is becoming extremely important to Intel for three reasons. One is the fact that this community comprises early technology adopters and are extremely demanding in terms of processor and platform performance. They therefore are a great community to help drive enhancements in our products like the newly launched Core i7 family of processors based on Intel’s new Nehalem microarchitecture where we have custom built several capabilities specifically for gamers. The second reason gaming is important to Intel is the fact that it is starting to grow quite rapidly in India, and with the proliferation of broadband, is destined to grow even faster – so it is a good business opportunity to pursue. The third reason is it gives us the ability to reach out to the youth segment, which is an important marketing priority for Intel. The India Gaming Summit reinforces our commitment to this particular industry and has also given us the chance to collaborate with our partners and key players to deliver the be

st solutions to customers. We are thrilled to have partnered with Zapak who we believe are the leaders in this space," added Bagri.