India to be focus country at Rome Film Fest


MUMBAI: After Italy was named the partner country for this year’s FICCI FRAMES convention that was held in Mumbai; India will now be a focus country at the Rome Film Festival as a part of the bilateral initiative.

The Festival is scheduled to take place from 18 – 21 October, 2007. A 120 member delegation led by the communication minister of Italy visited FICCI-FRAMES to explore synergies between India and Italy.

With India being the focus country at the Rome Film Festival 2007, FICCI will be taking a co-production delegation to the film festival and showcase India’s potential in the media and entertainment sector. The Rome Film Festival will be an opportunity to form partnerships with Italian counterparts especially in view of the fact that India and Italy are signatories to India-Italy co-production treaty.

The Rome Film Festival will be held at the Rome Auditorium in Rome, Italy.

Some of the activities that FICCI is planning at the Rome Film Festival 2007 are:

  • High powered co-production delegation from Indian Film Industry
  • B2B meeting between Indian delegates and Italian producers with the help of FILAS (Italian film financing association)
  • A special Indian Theme party on one of the nights.
  • A panel focusing on India on 21 October 2007.
  • A report on Indian Film Industry – Exploring synergies between India and Europe.
  • Premiere of an Indian Film with a red carpet for the entire cast.
  • Number of Indian films to be showcased at the festival.
  • Location Tour to the regione lazio
  • A joint press conference of GOI, FICCI and Rome Film Festival on 19 October 2007.