Indiagames launches mobile games on three new Hindi movies


MUMBAI: UTV Software Communications’ gaming company Indiagames has launched three mobile games based on recently released films like Kaminey, Quick Gun Murugun and Aagey Se Right. These games can be downloaded from the content portals of all telecom providers in India.

Inspired by Kaminey, Indiagames has launched an action packed mobile game aptly suiting the thrills offered by the movie. The game replicates the role donned by Charlie, the protagonist of the movie.

The Quick Gun Murugun game is based on the central character of the film by the same name. The movie revolves around his mis-adventures with his arch villain Rice Plate Reddy. The game-play of Quick Gun Murugan tests the player’s shooting speed and reaction time. The player, who is a cowboy, has to swiftly shoot the enemies appearing in the area using a desert eagle pistol, before they try to shoot him.

The game Aagey Se Right is an action-packed nonstop bike racing/pursuit game. It tests the player’s driving skills, speed and reaction time while he rides his bike through the chaotic streets of Mumbai city. In the game, the player who dons the role of the cop Dinkar Waghmare, has to chase his trusted Bajarangbali stickered gun on the run. While chasing it, his fate and destiny make him an unlikely hero against the underworld goons and terrorists.

Indiagames COO Samir Bangara said, "Movies in India have a huge fan following and we are pleased to offer these exciting games to the rapidly growing base of mobile gamers. It gives us an excellent opportunity to extend the experience of these films to the user’s mobile screen, giving the fans and core gamers, alike, an opportunity to relive these films, on the move."