Indian animation gets global appeal

MUMBAI: At an hour long session at the recently concluded Ficci Frames 2007, insightful details on how to create animation IP with a global appeal were exchanged by industry players.

Panelists included Paparikas animation’s Nandish Domlur, Adlabs head of animation Sidhartha Jain, DQ Entertainment MD  Tapaas Chakravarti, Crest Animation CEO  A K Madhavan and Toon Boom Animation Inc president Joan Vogelesang.

Speaking on the occasion, Jain asserted that it was important that the gap between Indian and global content be addressed. He stated that components of story, Character, Visual style, music and cultural roots help address this issue when creating animation with global appeal. He said, “It is important to focus on cross cultural content and use global fads like gaming, mobiles etc into the story.”

When creating animation, it is vital to realise the environment the story is based on, as also to consider the packaging and marketing targeting global buyers of animation content, he added.

Voglesang, however, felt it was important to “Know who the product is aimed at. Remember original content and quality is of great importance for international selection.” He stated that animators should be able to analyse if the story can be converted into episodes that may be 52 X 10 minutes or 26 X half hour periods. “They will not be selected if there are not enough episodes to make it attractive internationally,” he pointed out.

A key aspect discussed was that of target markets, which speakers said must be understood and focused upon. Markets such as the US and the UK have varied preferences – while the US focuses on edutainment and multicultural content; the UK focuses on content that is emotional. To hit both markets it is important to strike a right balance with the content, speakers said.

Said Madhavan, “We need to develop global themes. A large number of investors are keen to get things distributed, and it is important to keep a solid link in place.”

Kapur, who said he belived that passion was far more important in creative good content and animation as compared to stratergies to develop good content, said ” We will never succeed if we are in the business of animation, unless there’s passion for it. How can animation be created, if it is a business?” he queried.

Kapur revealed that his famous comic, Snake woman was actually inspired by the story of Nagina and the major studio, Universal, now wants him to convert it into a film.

Speakers said that currently, over 10 international feature films amounting to a whopping $ 250 million are under production in India, in India. Another 50 films and television series are being co produced with entities in India.

Sanjay Ram

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