Indian born filmmaker Karri to begin work on Mobstere


MUMBAI: Nagendra Karri, the Indian born film maker from Vishakapatanam who owns Eternal Mind Production LLC in New York, has announced his next film Mobster.

The movie will be shot in various locales including India.

This will be his second film after Where are you Sophia?, a suspenseful psychological thriller. "Life has been very hard while making a feature film during recession. But it was worth every bit to make a suspenseful thriller like Where are you Sophia? that you believe in with all your heart. I have done it, recession was not an excuse for me," says Karri.

Karri is currently in India to finalise plans for the launch of Where are you Sophia? and Mobster. He will also audition for the start cast for Mobster in India.

"My goal is to showcase India to the International film industry by creating movies that has a universal appeal with an Indian touch," Karri said.