Indian Film Company ties-up with YouTube to stream Striker


    MUMBAI: The Indian Film Company has inked a strategic distribution alliance with YouTube. As part of this partnership, Striker will be the first ever Indian film to premiere on YouTube internationally at the same time as it is released in cinemas throughout India on 5 February 2010.

    The film will be accessible on the Studio 18 Channel on YouTube.

    The move aims to provide a wide cost-effective distribution platform for such films that do not get an international theatrical release. By providing customers a legitimate viewing option, it is hoped that the move will also minimize the effect of piracy and offer customers a quality and on demand option for watching the latest film.

    In order to ensure that revenues from the Indian theatrical release are maximized, the film will not be available for the traffic originating from India. In the US, Striker will be available for rent, while outside the US, it will be available for free viewing, to be monetised through an advertising -share model.

    Striker is directed by Chandan Arora and stars Telugu actor Siddharth Narayan alongside Anupam Kher, Aditya Panscholi, Padmapriya, and Vidya Malavade.

    The Indian Film Company CEO advisory Sandeep Bhargava said, "Once again the IFC is setting an industry standard. By releasing the film on YouTube at the same time as its Indian theatrical premiere, we massively increase the numbers of people able to see the film, at the same time as helping to ensure the success of the theatrical release in India where it will be paid for."