Indian filmmakers need to strengthen screenplay-writing skills: Boman Irani

    MUMBAI: Actor Boman Irani underscored the need to strengthen screenplay-writing abilities of Indian film writers. He said a theme based plot, sub text driven and focused screenplay writing with contemporary consciousness would help make Indian cinema strong in its appeal.

    Irani stressed on the need to work more in imparting training to the talented lot of story writers for films in all the shades of Indian cinema. Speaking at IFFI, he said, “We are good writers but we should good become good screen writers.”

    Irani, who created waves through his acting in Munnabhai MBBS, 3 Idiots, Khosla Ka Ghosla and other films while paying tributes to the famous comedy actors like Mehmood, Asrani, Kishore Kumar, Charlie Chaplin, Jagdeep etc said, “Comedy is an integral part of film making. Comedy evolves from real life situations and uneasiness makes me create comedy for disseminating message of peoples’ pain and problems.”

    He also narrated several instances from his films praising many of his directors for excellent knowledge of the craft of filmmaking. While quoting director Raju Hirani being an excellent editor shoots his films in such a manner that in Munnabhai MBBS not a single shot that was recorded was wasted indicating his excellent control over direction. “The entire film is ready in his mind before he starts shooting it and hence the film can be shot in very less time,” he added.

    Irani, who started his career as a sports photographer, said he has received several offers from Hollywood but he is not accepting any of them, as he did not find enough challenge in them.

    Some of Irani’s forthcoming films are: Mirch, Game, Bandha Hai Bindass, Don 2, Short Term Shaadi and Ferrari Ki Sawaari.