India’s first animated item girl is back

MUMBAI: Remember Lady Chatterjee, India’s first animated item girl, dressed provocatively in low slung jeans, a tank top, with a bindi to go, singing Bangla rap? She’s back with a new song Pyar Aur Dosti from the same album Lady Chatterjee, launched by Saregama.


Says the voice-behind-the-face, singer and composer Sawan Dutta, “The first video, which came on air a few months ago, explored chat room relationships and virtual encounteRs This song, Pyar Aur Dosti, is a Hindi ballet; it’s more acoustic, softer, and more thoughtful. The video reflects this, and likewise takes a more mature look at the grey areas within love and friendship. Like the last video, this will be a mix of animation and real photography.”


And will the video feature the singer this time? “Yes, the video will flit between Lady Chatterjee and me with my musicians. I have some awesome instrumentalists on board Ajay Prasanna for classical flute, Dabba Malik for western classical cello and Kapil Srivastava on guitar. I have combined these very diverse sounds in the song!”


So what’ll Lady Chatterjee be wearing this time? “Lady Chatterjee will be seductive and naughty as ever. She’ll be wearing the same clothes, actually. That’s become her identity. She’s like Superman!” The video has been directed by CB Arun Kumar, who also directed the first video.


The singer-composer, who was earlier a part of rock band Indian Ocean, has worked with Amaan and Ayaan Ali Khan on their albums Truth and Reincarnation, and is now working on Dreams. Dutta has also composed music and sung for crossover film Chai Pani Etc, which released in 2004 and starred Konkona Sen Sharma. Any inclination towards doing more films? “I am a bit out of touch with the film scene as I am Delhi based, but I am planning to shift base to Mumbai for a few months very soon,” she says.


Sawan Dutta is now working on her next album, which she says should be out by January 2007.

Sonia Chopra

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