In-Stat report predicts IPTV gains in Asia


    MUBAI: Competition between IPTV and cable/satellite TV is heating up in Asia, with IPTV poised to gain significant market share over the next several years, reports In-Stat.

    With the help of IPTV, incumbent telcos have the opportunity to fundamentally change their broadband customers’ video service experience, from traditional video clip streaming to downloading and just plain watching TV, the report states.

    “There has been no conclusive evidence showing whether IPTV or cable/satellite TV will ultimately win the customers’ vote,” says In-Stat analyst Alice Zhang. “In the Asia/Pacific region, it is expected that both traditional cable/satellite pay TV and IPTV will co-exist at least for the next several years.”

    Recent research by In-Stat found that there were 2.7 million IPTV subscribers in Asia in 2006, and this number is expected to exceed 33 million by 2012. It also found that total revenue from consumers of IPTV content broadcasted in Asia/Pacific will reach US$8 billion by 2012.  Mature markets include Japan and Hong Kong, contributing to about 60 per cent of the total Asia/Pacific subscriber population in 2006; these markets are expected to continue to lead Asia/Pacific in IPTV development, the report says.

    The research, “IPTV In Asia: Carriers Start The Battle”, covers the market for IPTV in the Asia/Pacific region.