Perfect Stranger set for 13 April release


MUMBAI: Sony Pictures Releasing of India will globally release psychological thriller Perfect Stranger on 13 April 2007.

Perfect Stranger is all about secrets those we have, those we share and secrets those we will do anything to protect or expose. Halle Berry and Bruce Willis star in the movie.

Rowena Price (Halle Berry) is an investigative reporter who has perfected the art of exposing other people’s secrets. So when her childhood friend Grace Clayton, who was having an affair with married advertising executive Harrison Hill (Bruce Willis), turns up murdered, Rowena is determined to find the truth.

Thanks to her associate, tech-savvy Miles Haley (Giovanni Ribisi), Rowena gains access to Grace’s emails and learns that Grace was threatening to go to Hill’s wife. Armed with that knowledge, Rowena goes undercover and becomes the perfect stranger – first as a temp, Katherine, in Hill’s advertising agency, and then as Rocketgirl aka Veronica, another one of his online paramours. She watches the unsuspecting Hill from all sides, taking note of his wife doing the same.

But while exposing Hill’s secrets, Ro unwittingly discovers a connection between Grace and two significant people in her life; her boyfriend, Cameron (Gary Dourdan) and her best friend, Miles, thus leaving her feeling confused, betrayed, and with no one to trust on this journey.

Perfect Stranger is directed by James Foley and produced by Elaine Goldsmith – Thomas, the screenplay is by Todd Komarnicki based on a story by Jon Bokenkamp. Executive producers are Ron Bozman, Deborah Schindler and Charles Newirth.