Irrfan Khan Birth Date Chaos Lands Him In A Soup

Irrfan Khan
MUMBAI: For years now, Irrfan Khan has been getting birthday greetings from friends fans, producers, colleagues, co-stars and even family members on the wrong date: November 30.

And one can’t really blame Irrfan watchers for getting it wrong. All the major Bollywood-data websites including Wikipedia and IMDb mention November 30 as the date of Irrfan’s birthday when it is actually January 7. Irrfan has made numerous attempts to get the date right on the internet.

All corrective measures having failed Irrfan decided he might as well lie down and enjoy the attention. Until  a magazine published he was turning 50 this year. The pandemonium that broke out on his phone and email ID since then hasn’t stopped.

Says Irrfan, "After I started getting requests for my 50th birthday interviews from various parts of the world I realized to my horror that they had not only got the date but also the year wrong on all the data-based portals. I wasn’t born on 30 November 1962, as mentioned on the internet, but on 7 January,1967. So I’m some way off from 50. Not that I mind being 50. But the wrong information is creating major practical problems for me, and I don’t know how to  fix it because no one is listening."

With renewed reports of his wrong birth date doing the rounds on the internet Irrfan is now faced with the rather bizarre situation of having to explain the confusion and ambiguity regarding his date and year of birth  to the airport authorities during his persistent trips abroad.

Now Irrfan’s amusement has turned to exasperation. "Initially I enjoyed getting attention on two different ‘birthdays’ But now it’s getting to be  a problem. I don’t know why they refuse  to correct the  date in spite of my office making repeated attempts to do so."