Salaam-e-Ishq opens to mixed responses

MUMBAI: The amalgamation of six-love stories into one – Salaam-e-Ishq, which is inspired from Hollywood’s Love Actually, released this week. Director Nikhil Advani has proved his mettle of assembling a huge starcast in his second film. However, the length of the film (three hours and thirtyfive minutes) is a major drawback. After receiving feedback on the same, Advani is said to have trimmed the film.


Production values, photography and the music acts as a lifeline for the film. Salaam-e-Ishq opened a day earlier (on Thursday, 25 January) to mixed response but may sustain at multiplexes in Mumbai and other metros including parts of overseas. Eros Multimedia has released the film in Bombay circuit with 245 prints, apart from 58 UFO, 25 DLPs and 15 E City versions.


The national holiday on Friday, helped the film to garner 85 to 95 per cent collection in Bombay, Delhi-UP, parts of South and other circuits including the overseas. In East Punjab, the film turned to be a disaster on both the days.


Parzania, based on the Godhra incidents opened in Bombay and certain places. The film did not release in Gujarat. A new distribution concern Serenee Picture Classic released the film in Bombay with 20 prints.


Two Bhojpuri films Pappu Ke Pyar Ho Gayeel starring Manoj Tiwari ‘Mridul’ and Divya Desai and Kasam Dharti Maiya Ki starring Dinesh Lal Yadav ‘Niruha’ and Aarti Patel opened to good responses in Bombay and some circuits.


26 January being a national holiday, the collections given below are that of six days.


Risk whimpers at the box-office windows. First week collections were as follows: Bombay Rs 38,64,500 from 36 cinemas (40 per cent); Ahmedabad Rs 11,33,328 from 13 cinemas (40 per cent); Jamnagar Rs 1,57,958 from 1 print (38 per cent); Delhi Rs 22,99,100 from 20 cinemas (30 per cent); Agra Rs 1,29,455 on 1 cinema (42 per cent); Gurgaon 60 shows 11,68,659 from 2 screens (36 per cent); Indore Rs 1,16,530 from 4 cinemas (26 per cent); Hyderabad Rs 16,89,066 from 10 cinemas (30 per cent); Chennai Rs 1,00,129 from one cinema (26 per cent).


Mr. Hot Mr. Cool doesn’t impress at the box office. First week collections are as follows: Bombay – undisclosed; Agra Rs 30,000 from one cinema.


Hollywood film The Convenant collected Rs 6,73,912 from 16 cinemas in the first week in Bombay from 16 cinemas.


Mai Ke Ancharwa Mein Charon Dhaam (Bhojpuri) in its first week in Bombay collected Rs 5,85,954 from 5 cinemas (62.78 per cent).


Guru: Second week collections were as follows: Bombay Rs 1,97,15,342 from 43 cinemas (68 per cent); Thane Rs 42,91,540 from 17 cinemas (70 per cent); Ahmedabad Rs 59,42,908 from 13 cinemas (70 per cent); Jamnagar Rs 3,72,970 on one cinema (74 per cent); Delhi Rs 1,08,81,350 from 22 cinemas (69 per cent); Agra Rs 2,50,000 on 1 print (65 per cent); Indore Rs 12,63,242 from 5 screens (72 per cent); Bhopal Rs 2,01,057 on 1 print (60 per cent) and Hyderabad Rs 47,28,538 from 12 cinemas (69 per cent).


Anwar ran for two weeks in Bombay at one cinema in two shows. First week collections in Ahmedabad were Rs 8,093 from one cinema (7 shows).


Game ran for two combined weeks in Bombay at 2 cinemas.


Coolie (Bhoj.) ran for 3 comb. weeks in Bombay with 3 prints.


Museum Ke Andar Phans Gaya Sikandar (dubbed) fourth week collections in Bombay were undisclosed. In Delhi the film collected Rs 54,476 from 5 cinemas.


Van Helsing 2 (dubbed) ran for five combined weeks in Bombay with one print.


Bhagam Bhag in its fifth week collected: Ahmedabad Rs 4,70,470 from 8 cinemas (84 per cent);  Jamnagar Rs 1,13,087 from one cinema (30 per cent); Delhi Rs 3,12,750 from 9 cinemas (30 per cent); Agra Rs 81,306 on 1 print (30 per cent); Bareilly Rs 26,666 on 1 print (24 per cent); Gurgaon Rs 84,397 on 1 print (12 shows, 39 per cent); Indore Rs 24,920 from two cinema (21 per cent); Hyderabad Rs 2,75,370 from 3 cinemas.


Kabul Express in its sixth week in Bombay collected Rs 3,15,715 from 19 cinemas; Thane Rs 20,116 from one cinema (5 shows) and Delhi Rs 51,768 from 2 cinemas.


Baabul entered eighth week in Bombay at one cinema in matinees. In Ahmedabad the film collected Rs 18,410 from one cinema (7 shows).


Dhoom:2 in its ninth week collected Rs 7,27,290 from 20 cinemas in Bombay; Thane Rs 1,36,920 from 5 cinemas; Ahmedabad Rs 2,38,900 from 4 cinemas, 3 cinemas collections not received. The film ran for 9 weeks in Jamnagar; Delhi Rs 2,54,305 from 3 cinemas (42 shows) and Agra Rs. 53,419 from one cinema.


Vivah in its 11th week in Bombay collected Rs 2,30,230 from 5 cinemas (36 per cent); Ahmedabad Rs 2,50,534 from 5 cinemas (62 per cent); Baroda Rs 2,08,810 on 2 print (60 per cent); Jamnagar Rs 30,731 from one cinema; Kolhapur Rs 48,371 on 1 print; Agra Rs 35,100 from one cinema; Barielly Rs 31,400 on 1 print; Nagpur Rs 65,801 on 1 print and Jalgaon Rs 38,985 on 1 print.


Don entered 15th combination week in Bombay.


Lage Raho Munnabhai entered 22nd week in Bombay.


Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge entered 589th week in Bombay at one cinema in matinees.

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