Spider-Man 3 surpasses Titanic collections in India


    MUMBAI: After a decade of being the top grossing Hollywood film in India, Titanic has now bowed down to Spider-Man 3. The third installment of Spider-Man has grossed Rs 570 million (Rs 57 crores) till date, crossing Titanic‘s Rs 555 million (Rs 55.5 crores).

    Spider-Man 3 is now the biggest Hollywood and foreign language film in India and ranks first in the Top 10 Hollywood films in India.

    Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man are also in the Top 10 list for Hollywood films in India. The former is the fourth biggest foreign language film in India while the latter is seventh in rank. With this, Sony Pictures’ five films stand in the Top 10 Hollywood films category; others are Casino Royale, Spider-Man 2, Godzilla and Spider-Man.

    Spider-Man 3 saw the biggest release for Hollywood in India when it opened with 588 prints (English 162, Hindi 261, Tamil 78, Telugu 78, Bhojpuri 6, IMAX 3). The print count increased to 597 in the second weekend.

    The film also saw the biggest opening weekend (4 – 6 May) for any Hollywood language film in India when it opened to Rs 192 million (Rs 17.2 crores) over the weekend. First week’s collection in India amounted to Rs 335 million (Rs 33.5 crores).

    Sony Pictures accredits this success to many a reasons. “Spider-Man’s character is extremely well embedded in the mind of the Indian audiences. The brand has been further built with the success of the first two films. The fact that the film opened at the heart of the holiday season and it was localized in four languages – Hindi, Tamil Telugu and for the first time in Bhojpuri, gave it greater reach and playability,” said Sony Pictures Releasing of India publicity head Vikramjit Roy.