Italy’s Marden Ent inks deal with Switch Media, Bollywood Network

    MUMBAI: Italy’s Marden Entertainment inked a meomrandum of agreement with Switch Media Services India Pvt. Ltd. and a declaration of intent with Bollywood Network for developing local creative content through developmental programmes as well as facilitating market access for the industry globally.

    The agreements were signed on the concluding day of FICCI-FRAMES 2008.

    In terms of the agreement, Marden Entertainment and Switch Media Services will work towards creating digital assets and distribute them globally via online video over the internet using Switch Media Platform and also to develop mobile phone applications pertaining to the film, The Choice.

    Switch Media will provide its video management platform and undertake to commercialise the project for online video and mobile consumption in the primary markets of Italy, Europe, The UK and the US and the secondary markets of the projects in Asia, Australia, the Emirates, South Africa and South America.

    It will work with other nominated digital service providers as agreed with Marden Entertainment and where appropriate Switch Media will take a lead management role in the distribution of online video and mobile.

    Switch Media will be recognized as the co-producer in the online video and mobile phone assets of The Choice

    The Indian company will work with Marden Entertainment to create a business plan for the successful monetization and electronic distribution of The Choice for online video and mobile.

    In the agreement between Marden Entertainment and Bollywood Network, the latter will provide casting of the Indian family for the film The Choice. It will cover all cost related to the Indian cast such as transportation, housing and salary; consultation on Indian costumes and Indian food; all costs related to the purchase and/or rental of Indian costumes and relevant salaries. The Italian Producer (Marden) will cover the remaining cost related to the production and marketing of the film.