ITC’s Candyman ties up with Shrek 3


    MUMBAI: The Candyman range of confectioneries from ITC Foods has tied up with Shrek 3 to create, generate and recall excitement in the kids’ space with the film.

    The company says Candyman wanted to extend its ‘Natkhat Mango’ campaign to kids and their families by strategically entwining it with Shrek 3. ITC Foods brand manager Candyman Noor Ulamin Patel says, “Our association with Shrek is from a candyman perspective. This brand world of Candyman is all about advertising and fantasy and this association reflects just that right attributes that Candyman is known for.”

    A co-branded television campaign, which features a child displaying and enacting his playful (natkhat) attributes along with the various fascinating characters from the movie is being currently aired on Cartoon Network, Pogo, Disney and Nickelodeon.

    These campaigns are also being played in multiplexes during and post the release of the movie to entertain the Viewers and to directly impact sales, he says. The entire exercise encompasses a collective media spend of Rs 50,00,000 and a multiplex and retail activation of Rs 50,00,000 and Rs 15,00,000 respectively.