It’s Raining Praises For Comicstaan 2 For Refreshing And Out-Of-The-Box Content!

Within days of its release, the second season of Comicstaan is already a favourite of fans and critics alike. Owing to the major success of the first season which aired last year, the second season takes it all one step further. The reviews for Comicstaan 2 are all praises and we are all for its hilarious content that will have you laughing and gasping for breath.

The web series is one of its kind and has created a platform for aspiring comedians to showcase their talents, the element that makes Comiscstaan stand out from other kinds of reality shows is that here, all the content and material is prepared by the contestants and is original instead of just copying someone else’s content which does very little for the people participating in terms of creativity. Season 2 is all about in-depth observation in different kinds of genres in comedy. The focus is not just about comedy but the perfect blend of character and applause. This show showed some amazing performances by the contestants who have taken it to a new level with a new concept and a pool of new talents.

Comedians such as Biswa Kalyan Rath, Kanan Gill, Kenny Sebastian, Kaneez Surka and Zakir Khan are the judges and joining them for season 2 and are ace comedians Sumukhi Suresh and Neeti Palta. They are also mentors to the new group of comedians that the second season will have and these seven have entirely ruled the stage with their vibe and comic flair. Season two’s concept shall remain like season one but promises more content and comedy. It will run for a total of eight episodes, with the seven judges using one episode each to train the contestants in varied aspects of comedy.

Comicstaan 2 promises to bring a fresh dose of laughter with seven judges and ten contestants. The 7 celebrated stand-up comedians will truly rock the Comicstaan 2 with their comic timing.

Each episode of Comicstaan 2 is packed with varied reasons to make the audience go mad while laughing. With the best comedians on stage, the bombardment of jokes will be immense, along with that after each episode the judges will be performing too and mentor the episodes.

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