Umrao Jaan: 30% collections in 2nd week


MUMBAI: The Adlabs distributed film Umrao Jaan is facing rough weather in its second week. Overall the film has registered 30 per cent plus collections across the country.

The Bombay collections for the film were not disclosed. The film opened in third week in Bombay with one print at Metro Adlabs and with one show. In Bombay and the suburbs including Thane, 57 prints were released. While in the third week it is left with one print. In all other major metros and cities, the film was a wash out.

Yet again the romantic pair of Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai failed to ring the cash registers at the box-office. Speculation is rife amongst the trade fraternity on the fate of Dhoom:2 and Guru, which again features this pair. However, in Dhoom:2, the duo are not paired opposite each other.

A trader from Naaz on condition of anonymity says, “The corporates are playing with public money. Dhoom:2 is an exciting proposal but I have heard that the film is offered peanuts in the West Bengal territory, which is said to be in the ratio of Rs 30 million (Rs 3 crores). News is that the major distributors like Naresh Jain, Prime Focus and Inox, in this territory have lost a lot of money in the recent release. Either they have shut shop or have refrained from buying further. Guru too is said to have difficulty in getting a proper chain of distributors. That is why the film is regularly being postponed.”