Jimmy Shergill & Sanjay Suri’s supernatural thriller A Flat to release on 12 Nov


MUMBAI: Jimmy Shergill and Sanjay Suri starrer A Flat is all set to release across theaters on 12 November, 2010.

Produced by Anjum Rizvi & Raaj Varma and directed by Hemant Madhukar, the film is about a man (Jimmy) who returns to India, enters a house and gets locked there. When all his attempts turn futile to unlock the doors, it becomes clearer to him that there is a supernatural power at play here. The film also stars Kaveri Jha & Hazel.

"I was getting goose bumps when I was going through the script. I told Hemanth that despite me being a fan of horror films, I didn’t recollect a film with a story like this which had an altogether new and different set of incidents," said Shergill.

This is when the director told him that not just was the story totally original, it had also cues from some of the real life incidents that he had gathered from his wife.

"His wife is from Himachal Pradesh and apparently similar incidents had happened with some of her family friends. Hemant didn’t forget his conversations with them and started writing the script. This is how he put together a fictional film that drew from reality," added Shergill.