Jodhaa Akbar gets pirated with quality


MUMBAI: The pirates, they are unstoppable. Inspite of producers United Motion Pictures (UMP) taking all possible steps to combat piracy, nothing has stopped the movie pirates to mark Jodhaa Akbar with a ‘pirated’ stamp.

The movie has been available for online viewing and download on practically every website that offers pirated content. This is the third blow that strikes the film after having seen a delayed release, since the revenue sharing terms were not agreed upon adding to the fact that the movie hasn’t been able to release in Rajasthan due to strong opposition from the Rajput community.

It is estimated that approximately Rs 50 million was lost due on the day of release due to no shows at the theatres. Now that the film has grossed Rs 385 million (Rs 38.50 crores) worldwide in the opening weekend, the news of it being pirated only hampers how much more it could have attained.

Already the number of views that this film has garnered online is close to 5000 and this on one website alone. Moreover, this is just the base of the mountain. What is shocking is that unlike what has been seen in most cases, the case for Jodhaa Akbar seems to be different. The film is not only available on these websites but has been simultaneously posted on social websites like in various parts.

On alone, three different posts of the film can be found. What’s more, the pirated website owners also have the gall to advertise to watch the film and other ones on their websites.

Additionally, the clarity of the film is shocking, it appears crystal clear with very few scenes edited to perfection. What is worse is that it is not a cheap rip off, instead seems like a quality recording device has been used, in order not to compromise on the print.

Though great caution had been exercised, it is only sad to see this problem even more grave. Especially after a great number of piracy blackout operation and arrests made just this year. Looks like the biggest release of the year is having to battle the biggest problem afterall.

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