John Abraham does a dangerous stunt for New York


MUMBAI: Looks like John Abraham loves doing edgy stuff. In his forthcoming film, New York, which is directed by Kabir Khan, he has performed a very dangerous stunt that requires a lot of training.

John and director Khan have worked together earlier too for Kabul Express where they shot amidst bullets flying over their heads, landmines, suicide bombers, death threats etc.

When John started work on Yash Raj Films’ New York he was happy that he didn’t have to go through the harrowing experience he had while shooting for Kabul Express but he was in for a surprise.

Khan says, "Even though we used most of our thrills in Kabul Express in new York too there is this particular scene where John has performed a very difficult and dangerous stunt where he had to go over 46 floors of a building with just one rope attached. I was not making him do that I had got stunt men to do that shot and did that shot with a stunt man John saw that shot and even though he felt it looked spectacular he felt that he needed to do the stunt himself because with a stunt man the camera needs to be away in order to hide his identity. John felt the shot would spectacular if the camera went closer so he decided to do the shot himself. It’s something you can’t do without training so he trained for just one day and he actually did it. The shot is there in the film and it looks spectacular."

Looks like Abraham is making serious attempts to make the climb to the top.