John Abraham does a Shah Rukh Khan


MUMBAI: John Abraham is busy shooting for his various commercials. Recently, the actor was in Kuala Lumpur to shoot for the Yamaha brand in the same stadium where Shah Rukh Khan shot the famous Mitwa song with Rani Mukherji for Karan Johar’s Kabhie Alvida Na Kehna.


An associate attached to the production house which shot the commercial, disclosed, “We shot the Yamaha ad in the Shah Alam stadium. Incidentally it was the same stadium which Karan Johar had zeroed in to shoot his Mitwa song because Shah Rukh was already in Malaysia shooting for another film. And the coincidence extends to the fact that both these actors were in the capital, the day we were shooting with John. While John was shooting in the Stadium, Shah Rukh was in the city to meet the drivers and attend the state dinner for the Malaysian Grand Prix. However, both were busy with their schedules and did not meet.”


While SRK may be the quintessential romantic hero of Bollywood films, John has a motley of images ranging from the hero to the villain. However, the one that is associated with him the most is his biker’s image. And so the ad guys extended his image to the brand by naming the latest commercial as the Lord of the Streets.


The associate explained, “The Lord of the Streets is a catchy term and fits John completely. He was wearing a petrol green tee with blue jeans, but the most eye catching gear was his biker’s boots. The bike was a silver, green and black Yamaha.”


The advertisement will hit television screens soon and seeing the initial rushes, one can clearly say that the brand manager has hit pay dirt with it. While the guys will be salivating over the bike, the girls will be drooling all over John Abraham.