John Abraham shoots ‘Fluid Motion’ action scene on Pakmodia Street

John Abraham
MUMBAI: John Abraham has  rapidly lost weight for the big day. He plays the young gangster of the 1980s Manya Surve. And he gets into a hand-to-hand combat on a  street where the real Manya Surve actually got into a brawl at young age.

Says the director Sanjay Gupta, "John has been rapidly losing weight to look like the young Manya Surve. We needed him to look a good ten years younger. John has managed it."

John Abraham  shot on Pakmodia Street near Crawford Market in Borinbunder for Sanjay Gupta’s Shootout At Wadala. The street and the locality have a special relevance for the film.

Surve actually started his life of crime on this street. The entire area was cordoned off to facilitate a massive fight sequence, a hand-to-hand combat between John and Chetan Hansraj.

And the USP of the sequence was the special technique of Fluid Motion being applied to this sequence.

It’s a technique whereby the action sequences move forward with seamless velocity from frame to frame.

Explains Gupta, "There are cuts in the shots, but they won’t show. The whole fight will appear as one unexpunged outburst of fury on screen. We’re applying the technique that was used in  Zack Synder’s 300, and not in any other film thereafter."