John Abraham takes a pay cut!

John Abraham
MUMBAI: John Abraham has drastically reduced his price for Goldie and Shristhi Behl’s I Me Aur Main. Reveals Goldie, “We work on very tight and I’d say, right budgets. Although London Paris New York was shot in three of the most expensive cities in the world, it was made at a budget of Rs 7 crores only. Contrary to the belief that our film has under-performed we’re actually on the road to recovering our costs and perhaps even making a profit with London Paris New York. My sister Shristi and I are very proud of this film. It’s our first production that’s being appreciated.So we’re planning a celebration, a small-budget party to go with the economics of the film.”
Elaborating on the controlled-budget theory Goldie says, “We didn’t have to pay the exorbitant fees required for stars. We preferred to work with Ali Zafar, not caring about the practical impediments of his being from Pakistan. We didn’t see his nationality, we only see a charismatic musician-actor. As for Aditi  I saw her in bits of Sudhir Mishra’s Yeh Saali Zindagi  and sensed she was star material. We’re happy to give new talent a chance into the industry. Ali, Aditi and the director Anu Menon in London Paris New York, and another debutant director Kapil Sharma in our next production I Me Aur Main.”
Apparently John Abraham has taken a voluntary pay cut in I Me Aur Main.
Says Goldie, “John is a co-producer on I Me Aur Main, so I wouldn’t like to discuss the financial arrangements. Suffice it to say that if London Paris New York was budgeted at Rs 7 crores I Me Aur Main  cost us Rs. 13 crores to make and that as we all know, is less than what some of our stars charge.”