John Abraham’s Injury Sets Back Gupta’s Film

John Abraham
MUMBAI: After Ranveer Singh’s back injury it is  John Abraham’s broken leg that’s playing havoc with a film’s shooting.

Sanjay Gupta’s Shootout At Wadala, suffering a series of bizarre hiccups ever since its commencement earlier this month, suffered another setback last week when the film’s leading man John Abraham suffered a hairline fracture in his foot during an action sequence.

And now a very expensive action sequence to be shot on a crowded street where John had to run through a gauntlet of pursuers in the midst of BEST buses, would have to be postponed.

The losses, though running into an exorbitant sum, have left the director Sanjay Gupta unperturbed. "It’s okay. John is going out of his way to be accommodating. It was a very important action sequence requiring a lot of paperwork, permission and costs. But more than my concern for the lost schedule it’s John’s condition that bothers me. He shot one action scene through the shooting pain in his leg after it was fractured. He was ready to shoot the second action scene in that condition. But it was out of the question. How could he run through a crowded street with buses, with that leg."

John had  undertaken intense preparations for his big action sequence which was to be shot on March 22 and 23.

Informs Gupta, "He had to run faster than the buses. He was on a fish-only diet. And he was looking forward to ending the bland diet after finishing the action sequence. The postponement means more fish no-carbohydrate diet  for a  month more for John."

Unperturbed by the financial losses Gupta says John has already given alternative dates to shoot the postponed action sequence in April. "In the meanwhile John isn’t sitting idle at home. He will be doing dialogue reading sessions with Anil Kapoor while his leg heals."