Juhi Chawla plays a crystal ball reader in Kismat Konnection


Mumbai: Juhi Chawla is playing a crystal ball reader in the forthcoming film Kismat Konnection. Her role is inspired from Whoopi Goldberg’s character in Ghost and Juhi has been styled accordingly for the part. She plays this outlandish mad cap crystal ball reader who is wacky and yet can predict Shahid’s kismat.

Juhi’s role in Kismat… is a pivotal one in the film. Aziz Mirza says, "In the film, Juhi reads a crystal ball to predict the future."

Juhi has been styled in bizarre gypsy costumes to suit her character. "Every morning hordes of outlandish jewellery and gypsy skirts would arrive for Juhi and she had a blast choosing the costumes and dressing for the part," he further added.

According to Mirza, Juhi’s character is very integral to the story, "Juhi played the character perfectly and I just had to make a call to her. She is perfect in the film and I am glad that I went by my instincts. I am very close to Juhi. She’s almost like my child."