Jump Games, Virgin launch mobile games

MUMBAI: Jump Games has joined hands with Virgin Comics for an agreement to expand the Virgin Comics’ Shakti series characters into mobile games. The announcement was made by Jump Games CEO Salil Bhargava.


The first products to be launched by Jump Games include action and role-playing games based on three Virgin Comics hit titles. The first game scheduled for release is Devi, featuring the Indian female superhero created by acclaimed filmmaker and Virgin Comics co-founder, Shekhar Kapur.


Commenting on the new relationship Kapur said, “Mobile gaming is predicted to be the fastest growing sector in the entertainment business worldwide, and I am excited by our collaboration with Jump Games. The clearly stated intention of Virgin Comics, and indeed my personal ambition has been to showcase Indian talent to bring it to the forefront of international entertainment. I am sure that together we will create some of the most successful mobile gaming platforms in the world.”


Bhargava added, “Virgin is one of the world’s most powerful youth brands and collaborating with Virgin Comics on this venture has been an excellent experience. Virgin’s larger-than-life characters provide us with a tremendous scope to recreate the magic of a comic book both on 2D as well as 3D gaming platforms. Our games based on the Shakti series are not only suited well for Indian audiences but also have a strong global appeal. Working with Virgin Comics has been a great start for Jump’s vision and focus on emerging as a leader in 2D and 3D mobile gaming.”


Virgin Comics CEO Sharad Devarajan said, “Jump Games has a production quality and expertise that competes with the best mobile gaming companies in the world. We are thrilled to work with such a likeminded partner to bring a new level of interactivity for our great stories and character to gamers worldwide.”


In addition to Devi, Jump Games is developing a mobile game for Ramayan 3392 AD, a futuristic sci-fi story inspired by the original Ramayan mythology, created by Kapur along with author Deepak Chopra. Jump Games is also working with Virgin Comics on a mobile game based on their hit comic series, The Sadhu, which follows the story of a British soldier who discovers the mystical powers of Indian sadhus. As is already reported by Businessofcinema.com, besides the comic series, The Sadhu is also being developed by Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage as a film.


A fourth mobile application based on the recent book, Deepak Chopra Kama Sutra explores Chopra’s views on the connection between spirituality and sexuality. 


All these mobile games contain multiple levels of game challenges with varying difficulties. Jump Games, India‘s leading mobile and web games developer has developed the mobile applications and will be responsible for marketing the games worldwide.

Richard Branson’s Virgin Enterprises operates Virgin branded mobile phone services in the USA, UK, France, Canada, South Africa and Australia.

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