Jump to launch Hanuman Returns mobile game


MUMBAI: Jump Games has joined hands with Percept Picture Company (PPC) to launch a series of mobile games based on their forthcoming animated feature Hanuman Returns.

Jump Games signed a two-year exclusive worldwide contract with Percept Picture Company to create and distribute mobile game titles based on Hanuman Returns. The first game of the Hanuman series is titled “Hanuman Returns” and features Hanuman in his human avatar who is reborn on earth with the blessings of Lord Brahma. This game will be released in December 2007 in India.

Fast-paced and packed with smashing animation, Hanuman Returns takes the player on Hanuman’s journey across jungles, outer space and far-fetched cities. Hanuman’s mission in the game is to rid the world of evil forces of Guru Shukracharya and Rahuketu. Zipping past wacky obstacles like meteors and demons, Hanuman’s character is shown to brave enemies with his mighty weapon ‘The Gadda’.

Jump is also planning to launch a contest around the mobile game Hanuman Returns as a part of the promotional activity for the game. In addition to that, the game will also be made available to consumers via Game Kiosks placed at various locations across the country.

Jump Games CEO Salil Bhargava said, “Hanuman Returns is a brilliant game that will definitely appeal to audiences globally. This was a novel initiative for us and we’ve created a game that rightfully recreates the experience of the animated film Hanuman Returns on to the mobile platform. It’s been a great association with Percept Pictures and we are in the process of creating a series of games based on the animated film in coming months. Hanuman Returns games series will definitely be something to watch out for.”

Percept Picture Company CEO Preet Bedi added, “Hanuman was a movie that achieved dizzying heights of success; and with Hanuman Returns Percept Picture Company vies at delighting audiences furthermore. Hanuman has the potential to be a globally recognized brand and thus we intend to release Hanuman not only on a national scale but also in various international languages to ensure everyone gets an opportunity to view this visual treat. We’ve had a great association with Jump Games in developing a fun, casual game that adds a whole new dimension to the movie. Let’s say you can now access Hanuman right on to your mobile phones.”