Kahani World unveils 7 animation films at Cannes Film Festival

    CANNES: Kahani World Inc, a Canadian headquartered company with studio tie ups across India, will produce seven animation films in the next 24 months.

    NASSCOM has reported that by 2010 domestic demand for animation movies will be USD 77 million, it is presently growing at 37% per annum.

    Kahani World is slated to produce a slate of animation films, involving some internationally celebrated names in the industry and working with savvy technologies and studios to execute its pipeline.

    The ventures include:
    1. Secrets of Seven Sounds, a Deepak Chopra and Shekhar Kapur production, in a joint venture with Virgin Comics.
    2. Raju the Rickshaw predicted to be the Asian successor to ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’.
    3. Coderman, a new kind of superhero film for tweens.
    4. Chipkali World – The Gecko Adventures, a pioneering inter-relationship between our world and exposing the unknown ‘parallel world’ of Geckos.
    5. Game Access – a movie that endeavors to probe into the world of video games. Co produced with Nelson Recinos, two time Emmy award winner for Spielberg’s ‘Pinky & the Brain’ and the Batman animated series.
    6. I Prin, an enchanting story of three young girls groomed to become princesses at Academie Royal, a multimedia property, co produced with Sieundesign, Korea.  I Prin is also the 1st animated IMAX movie being made in India.
    7. Ashati – the Asian Princess an Asian teenage ‘girl hero’ story, ‘crafted’ by Srinivas Krishna, a celebrated Toronto based film Director.

    Each of these seven titles are in development and production.

    The entire range of films, produced by Kahani World, reflects the vision of the company, which is to engage the minds and hearts of its viewers in a highly dynamic entertainment ecosystem using animated content assets with an ‘eastern’ flavour.

    These films are then leveraged across mobile, console and also new media platforms. The portfolio of shows, cleverly target three segments of the viewers – kids, tweens, and teens.

    Kahani World CEO and president Biren Ghose says, "Kahani World will pioneer animation movies with distinct & contemporary Indian themes in a ‘platter’ that makes families laugh, learn and grow together."