Karan Johar takes a break in London


MUMBAI: Karan Johar is a hugely relieved man. The American portion of the shooting for his film, My Name is Khan wrapped up a week back. The director has been shooting in San Francisco for the better part of 5 weeks.

Starring Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol, My Name is Khan started its shooting schedule in December, last year. Due to the shoulder injury of SRK, the shooting was stalled for some time. And with the IPL moving to South Africa, SRK’s dates for the film had to be shuffled and Karan shot a large portion of his film in the Filmistan studio of Mumbai.

A close friend of the director spilled the beans, "My Name is Khan has taken a lot from Karan as he feels that there is a lot of expectation riding on his shoulders. People expect him to make a blockbuster film and with a cast as successful as SRK and Kajol, nothing but the best is what they want. And so after he wrapped up the American schedule, Karan went to London for a 4 day holiday."

A holiday for Karan means a lot of shopping, a lot of fine dining and a lot of good conversation. And with the Khan family, also holidaying in the Queen’s Land, Karan must have certainly let his hair down.