Karan Johar – The Morale Booster

Karan Johar
MUMBAI: When on Friday Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu  opened to glowing reviews, the compassionate producer took the director Shakun Batra to dinner to boost his morale. At the dinner attended by the director and the film’s team Karan Johar let it be known that he’s proud of the film regardless of its boxoffice outcome.

Says Shakun, "I’m not aware of boxoffice figures. I don’t understand them. But Karan took us out to dinner on Friday and made us feel very very good about ourselves. He said it didn’t matter to him how much money the film made. He was proud of the film. Such pep-talk on the most crucial day of your life remains with you. Karan has been with the project from Day 1. He got me the actors that I wanted. I couldn’t have made the film without Kareena and Imran. He let me shoot where I wanted. Las Vegas was my chosen destination. He believed in my script and in me. For a first-timer that was a boon. I couldn’t let him down."

Karan was never on Shakun’s sets but always there to help.

Says the grateful debutant. "I’d have been  an idiot not to go to him for advice. He was always there to help. After I  completed the film it was 1 hour 52 minutes long. Karan suggested I edit out some shots and that’s how we brought it down to 1 hour 46 minutes. I can’t imagine any producer to be as generous and supportive."