Karan Johar’s unorthodox request to Parvin Dabas for Salman Khan’s sake

MUMBAI: That Karan Johar is very keen to have Salman Khan working in Dharma Productions is by now, a well-known fact. Moreover, Salman has also being roped in to play the lead in Rensil d’Silva’s next, which Karan Johar will produce.
However, the story of Karan’s keenness to get Salman into Dharma goes much deeper. The fact is, Karan devised another way to get Salman into Dharma.
The idea came to him when actor-turned-director Parvin Dabas invited him to see his directorial debut Sahi Dhande Galat Bande. Karan loved the film but before the debutant director could digest the compliment, Karan apparently suggested Pravin Dabas re-do the whole film with Salman Khan in the lead.
A source informs, “Pravin Dabas, who had played a prominent but small part as an investigative journalist in KJo’s My Name Is Khan had become very friendly with the director-producer. He was eager to get Karan’s opinion on his directorial debut and arranged a special screening for Karan, who loved the slick edgy unpredictable action thriller. In fact Karan loved the film so much that he turned around and suggested that Pravin re-do the film, this time with Salman Khan in the lead. It was an incredibly unusual and backhanded compliment because it showed how much faith Karan had in the film and in the debutant director. But Karan was clearly telling Pravin that re-doing the film with Salman with Dharma as producer would give Sahi Dhande Galat Bande the mass audience that the film deserved.”
Parvin however didn’t quite agree with Karan and refused the “generous” offer.
Says the source, “Parvin could understand Karan’s logic. He knew Karan meant well for the film and was trying to show how much of a wider audience it deserved. But Parvin took it otherwise. This was his dream project and his baby. Doing it again with another actor no matter how much of a commercial viability it got to the project made no creative sense to Parvin. He politely turned down the offer.”
When asked about Karan’s “big” plans for Sahi Dhande Galat Bande, Parvin doesn’t deny being made Karan Johar’s exceptional offer.
Says Parvin, “I was very happy and flattered by Karan’s interest and the offer that we re-do the film with another leading man while I remain the director. But this was my baby. This is the film and this is how it will go out to the audience. I am sure Karan understood my point of view.”