‘Kareena Kapoor is very hard working’ – Karisma


MUMBAI: "Kareena is the most hard working girl I have seen," disclosed elder sister Karisma Kapoor. Unwinding from a long shoot, the actress who redefined fashion in the 90’s for the Indian heroine, Karisma said, "Bebo is very dedicated. She has been the youngest in the family and so nobody really expected her to shoulder such responsibilities. When she wanted to have a zero size figure, she went all out."

Elaborating on her comment, the elder sister said, "We are a Punju family and we all love to eat. But Bebo was very strong. For her to give up non-vegetarian food was a big deal. I especially remember her European schedules. Their veg food is pathetic. It does not suit the rich Indian palate. But Bebo did not budge from her diet. She used to regularly call her dietician to give her options incase the restaurant did not have what was on her scheduled diet."

And now that Kareena wants to become more curvy and luscious, things have not changed. Karisma said, "Now that she wants to add on the inches, it is again being meticulously done. She will eat the food that is good for her and continue with her gyming and exercises. I think her dedication to her profession will see her going great guns."

Kareena’s efforts on gaining back her curves has started to show in her advertising campaigns. Be it the Kurkure or the Airtel commercial, the familiar Indian figure is back and one thing is for sure, Kareena’s fans will only be happy to see her, be it a size zero or a size three.