Kareena’s dietician clarifies the actor’s secret diet

Mumbai: All the stories about Kareena Kapoor going on a crash diet and crashing on the sets are absolutely false. The top actress’ nutritionist and dietician Rujuta Diwekar gives a factual picture of Kapoor’s diet and eating habits.  
The dietician even mentions that Kareena was worried her fans, especially the teenage girls who look upon her as their icon, would blindly follow the false articles to emulate her and the results could harm them in some way or the other. "Kareena did not want that to happen and thus this clarification," Diwekar says.
She says, "Kareena gave me a brief saying that her character requires her to be lean and sexy and she wanted a diet that would help to lose weight. I knew that Kareena is pure vegetarian and wondered if she’d be able to achieve her target of losing certain kilos by just having a vegetarian diet. Kareena and I met in May 2007 and I have been her dietician since then."
It seems the actor has been strict and regular at her fitness regime. "But she was never pencil thin", says Diwekar. "So I planned her diet that consisted of healthy nutritious food. And contrary to reports in the media that the actress starved herself and had only orange juice is false. There were also stories that she fainted while doing some scene but it is not true," she adds.
Kareena has religiously stuck to her diet and is feeling more energetic, healthier and sexy.
"She wants her fans to know that she has achieved her super sexy body over a period of time, by being dedicated and disciplined about her eating and fitness habits."  Diwekar also tells us that Kapoor is into a strict exercise regime of yoga that she practices for almost two hours a day.  
The dietician reveals Kapoor’s prescribed diet–She has been eating parathas, momos, cheese, pastas, Bananas (foods which most people perceive as "fattening"). "She loves the way she is looking now just like a Hollywood star," is the final comment.

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