Karisma Kapoor in ‘Dangerous Ishhq’: Trailer

Dangerous Ishhq
MUMBAI: The trailer of Director Vikram Bhatt’s ‘Dangerous Ishhq’ is now released. Bringing back Karisma Kapoor from her hiatus post marriage, the film also casts Jimmy Shergill and Rajniesh Duggal. 
Dangerous Ishhq – Trailer:

Following international trends, ‘Dangerous Ishhq’ is a 3D venture. "3D is an adornment. It enhances the subject. 3D has come a step further. The time of throwing things on you in the name of 3D has gone, it’s become more of an immersing experience now," said Bhatt at the unveiling of the first look of the film.
‘Dangerous Ishhq’ is the story of a supermodel named Sanjana (Kapoor) who searches for her husband Rohan (Duggal) who disappears mysteriously.
"In this film you will know what all a person will go through in past life regression," said Karisma Kapoor.  
For the 37 year old actress, this film would be a kind of comeback. She was last seen in ‘Baaz: A Bird in Danger’ in 2003. "I don’t think it’s my comeback, I was on a a maternity leave," she added.