Katrina Kaif collapses during Farah Khan’s Tees Maar Khan shoot


MUMBAI: Katrina Kaif, who is currently shooting for Farah Khan’s Tees Maar Khan along with Akshay Kumar, recently collapsed on the sets.


The shoot was being held at Malshej Ghat.


While panic struck the set, Akshay Kumar came to everyone’s rescue and flew in a doctor from Breach Candy in his private chopper since the medical facilities in Malshej were below par.


The doctor quoted over exertion, lack of sleep and her constant low blood pressure as cause of the collapse.


Reveals a source on the sets, "Katrina has been shooting non stop for her films, her commercials and the constant travel is taking toll on her health. Katrina’s plate is so full this year that she hasn’t had enough time to recuperate. After getting her hair and make up done she arrived on the sets and the next thing you know she just fainted."


However, a few hours post her check up, Katrina sprung back into action and continued to shoot for an important scene in spite of Farah’s advice to take the day off.


Katrina didn’t want to inconvenience the cast and crew and decided to continue shooting.


Katrina’s spokesperson confirmed the incident. "Katrina was unwell on Wednesday morning. She has been advised some rest. Of late she has been going through tremendous work stress traveling in and out of Mumbai."