Katrina Kaif to raise funds for orphanage


Katrina Kaif

MUMBAI: Katrina Kaif, whose mother, Suzanne Turquotte, works with an orphanage in Madurai, is now helping raise funds to build a school

“My mom is  overseeing the expansion of the initiative and the school. I’m very involved in helping her raise funds. But in terms of time, I’m lucky my mom is there. There’s no doubt in my mind about how the money is being utilized. When it comes to such causes, the ideal way is to use your name, especially for something this tangible. Of course, people can say ‘why don’t you just give the money yourself?’ and I have contributed. But you have to build a charity brand that can sustain itself. It should flourish even if you are not earning money of that magnitude at some point of time,” said the actress.

Talking about Salman’s philanthropic endeavors, Katrina says his NGO-Being Human is much bigger. As for constant gossip about her relationship with the superstar, she add, “Rumours about Salman and me? It’s okay even if it does. I don’t react to it… You are expected to give a response to everything — and you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. The idea is not to take it to heart as long as you know what you’re doing and the people who know you know what you’re doing."

A leading daily, asked Katrina in an interview, as to why she was not on Twitter. The actress answered "What do you say on Twitter? People want to use the platform to clarify something when something’s written about them… I don’t like doing that. I don’t think one should acknowledge or clarify anything. What is the job definition of an actor? Technically, you must perform your scene, endorse products and do stage shows. Since when did it become required to talk about yourself? To each his own."