Ken Ghosh to wrap up shoot of Shahid – Genelia starrer


MUMBAI: Although the title of his film is not finalized, Ken Ghosh can literally shout Yahoo from the top of his lungs. His film has just two days of shoot before he can call it a wrap.

Starring Shahid Kapur and Genelia D’Souza, the film had to be re shot following the decision to replace the then lead actress Jiah Khan.

Ghosh tells, "The film is about a young couple and the relationship between a choreographer and a dancer. The chemistry between Shahid and Jiah was not what we desired once the script saw some changes. And contrary to popular belief, we had only shot for ten days with Jiah, before we made our decision."

Talking about his new lead pair and the usually reticent director is all excited. He gushed, "You should see the chemistry between Shahid and Genelia. They are magic on celluloid. On hindsight, I am glad we took the decision."

Talking about their dancing, Ken added, "Shahid is a great dancer and everyone knows that, but Genelia really surprised me. She is easily one of the best dancers in the industry."

Currently the Yahoo unit is shooting across various locations in the city. A big set has been put at Mumbai’s Film City to film some important dialogue portions. D’Souza wraps up her shoot a day prior to Shahid. And if all is smooth sailing, hereafter, the film should release in October.