Keon International Film Academy launched in Mumbai


MUMBAI: Keon Arts, the Indian arm of Canada based A.K. Films Inc., will be launching an international film academy called Keon International Film Academy (KIFA).

KIFA has been purposefully laid out as an intensive two month film academy, designed by film producer and director Rick Bennett, who has also designed the curriculum at the Toronto Film School. Smita Thackeray launched the website of KIFA in Mumbai.

Keon Arts CEO Keshav Paneri says,  "In April 2009, Keon Arts will be hosting a two month long intensive accredited workshop on Film-Making & Acting. For aspiring filmmakers & actors in India, KIFA will provide these students the tools and understanding of film-making & acting along with a flare of Bollywood. Up until now, it has been very expensive to learn the art of film making. However, for the first time ever in India, we are offering this privilege to the common man, who couldn’t even dare to dream about learning this craft, let alone afford this exclusive knowledge."

Bennett who is really excited to be in India, a country which churns out the highest number of movies in the entire world year after year says, "India has a rich cultural heritage, which commands immense interest in the west and the world will embrace Indian cinema like never before in the coming years. The faculty will comprise of the best film technicians and instructors in the industry from Hollywood (Los Angeles), New York, and Toronto. The participants will be introduced to the latest technology in the world of film making including state-of-the-art 2k and 4k HD Cameras, Hollywood lighting, Steadicam Handling, and the latest in Audio technologies."

The workshop will be broken into two parts – Film-Making & Acting. The topics to be covered will include Script Writing, Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production, Editing, Audio, Lighting, Casting to Audition, Theories of Acting, Acting, Voice, Body Movement, Character Study, Scene Study respectively. Furthermore, both programs will also learn about film history, and will have various special guest lecturers from India’s film fraternity, to share their experiences.

Apart from the incredible curriculum offered, KIFA will be introducing some of the worlds ‘grand master’ technicians and instructors from Hollywood like Keith Murphy, from the steady-cam industry, who has worked on many blockbuster titles such as Shoot ‘Em Up, Jumper, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, American Pie and many others.

"We are proud to introduce a master-mind of merchandising and distribution, Patricia Scarlett, who has been in the forefront of merchandising media, and is the CEO and founder of her own film and television distribution consulting company Scarlett Media Inc," added Bennett.

"KIFA has put together a complete package of the latest state-of-the-art digital technologies coupled with strong theoretical and practical supplement, to give a solid foundation to propel students in to the competitive global economy of future of film making and acting. The candidates that apply will have to fulfill various selection criteria in order to be given an opportunity to take part in our program, as we will have limited enrollment. Aspiring participants can get more details on the course and the registration process on our website," said Paneri.