Kher talent company casts for A Mighty Heart

MUMBAI: Actor turned producer Anupam Kher, who launched his talent management company called Talent Company last year, has been instrumental in the casting for Hollywood film A Mighty Heart starring Angelina Jolie.


The agency, which is currently active in the international market, got its first major Hollywood assignment with this docudrama.


The credit for awarding the casting contract to Kher’s Talent Company bagging the contract for A Mighty Heart goes to the leading casting director of UK, Wendy Brazington, who was also the casting head for the film.


The agency was formally launched by Brazington in May last year.


Since then, Talent Company has done several assignments. Among them were BBC radio’s production of The Adventures of Feluda, based on Satyajit Ray’s stories on the fictional detective, The Darjeeling Ltd. starring Owen Wilson plus some Bollywood films and commercials.