Kher’s American Blend to release on 29 Sept.

MUMBAI: After making its presence at the MAMI International Film Festival in Mumbai, the Newport Beach Film Festival and having enjoyed a centerpiece screening at this year’s Osian-Cinefan festival held in New Delhi, the Anupam Kher and Dee Wallace starrer, American Blend is all set to hit Indian theatres on 29 September.


Under the banner of White Stripes Entertainment Ltd, American Blend is produced by Krishna Datla and Vishwaas Paandya who is the associate producer. The executive producer of the film is D Vasant Kumar and it is written and directed by Varun Khanna.


Being acknowledged as one of the first films made by an Indian production company under the rules of the American Screen Actors’ Guild, American Blend is a music and dance celebration of a cross-cultural Indian-centric immigrant family living in Los Angeles, California.


The film also stars Ranjit Chowdhary, David Oyelowo, Kristin Erickson, Sunkrish Bala, Amita Balla and Ruben Garfias.


Kher says, “This isn’t just a funny film; it’s a slice of life where fun is a natural ingredient. The exciting thing was the role of a 50-year-old Raj Chaddha and the emotional highs and lows he goes through in keeping his family together. This is certainly not another desi film made abroad.”

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