Koffee Break’s 2 D animation film to release in November


    Mumbai: After My Friend Ganesha, Koffee Break Pictures will roll out its next 2D animation feature film called Green Chic – Finding Dad. The film promotes vegetarianism and is slated to release worldwide in November.

    Green Chic – Finding Dad is the story of a chick named Chiclet and her family. One day the parents of Green Chic are walking in the jungle, when fate suddenly takes a turn and the mother chick is captured by a human for his selfish purpose. The father chick in an attempt to save his wife also gets captured by the human unable to fight against the human strength.

    Learning about his parent’s fate the Chiclet treads on a path to find his Dad and decides with determination that he will rescue his only surviving parent from the clutches of the humans. In this journey from jungle to the city Chiclet, along with his friends Ginger (monkey) and Quacky (duck) come across various hardships during which he gets to make new friends as well as enemies. Chiclet, against all odds braves the city life and encounters all sorts of city dangers.

    Koffee Break Pictures producer Apurva Shah says, "This film is very dear and close to our heart. We are attempting to show the world that we should love animals and let them live just as we live freely. Our objective is to spread awareness among the youth about the atrocities caused on animals and learn to respect them. Through this film we would also like to discourage consumption of non-vegetarian food, which is one of the prime reasons of Global Warming."

    Green Chic – Finding Dad is a 90 minutes feature film in Hinglish and is conceived, written, and directed by Sudhir Mehta. Interestingly, Green Chick also sets a benchmark by being the first Indian Animation film based on an originally coined character.