Kohli upset with gross collection calculation

MUMBAI: “As an industry we must arrive at an accurate system to calculate gross collections of a film,” says the man whose film has grossed Rs 1 billion (Rs 100 crore) in 100 days. Speaking exclusively to Businessofcinema.com, Fanaa director Kunal Kohli reveals that he is not satisfied with the way producers calculate the gross of their films.

“Some producers today multiply their net figures by two or three and calculate the gross, which is wrong. Each state has different entertainment taxes and the gross must be calculated based on that,” he says.

However, he is quick to add, “Since the gross of my film is accurately calculated, I feel good. But I wonder what will happen to the producers who have declared huge inflated gross. When the Income tax department comes asking for their share, then suddenly the real net collections will appear, but the wool would’ve already been pulled on the public’s eyes.”

But how important is the Fanaa Rs 1 billion feat to Kohli himself? “Money is important and doing a Rs 100 crore business is no mean feat, but better than that is when, at a party a waiter out of nowhere comes up and says ‘saab aapka picture kamaal ka tha’ (Sir, your film was outstanding). Nothing can buy or beat that genuine love I get from the masses,” he says.

Kohli is currently in US for a holiday. “I needed a holiday after Fanaa. I have to stop talking about past achievements and have to get Fanaa out of my system and put in something new,” he says.

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