Konkani feature film O’Maria screened at IFFI 2010, Goa

MUMBAI: Goan filmmaker Rajendra Talak’s first  Konkani feature film O’Maria was screened at IFFI 2010, Goa.
Canada and other countries have also shown interest in screening the film and Talak said he would be bringing the film to the upcoming International Film Festival at Mumbai. 
O’ Maria is a film about Maria who lives on land that she inherited while the land adjacent to hers is that of her late brother Johns’ who sold his property to a hotel company before he died. However the contract stated that they will pay him half the money only when his sister Maria also sells her property to them. John left behind two sons and a wife who are also eyeing her property. But Maria refuses to sell her property as a protest again the rising encroachment of tourist resorts, vanishing Goan lifestyle and culture and livelihood. In her fight, she also has the support of one of her nephews, Kevin and a tourist Mike. The resistance becomes a family feud and after much dramatic twists and turns, the family is able to restore peace and wisdom. 
Speaking at the IFFI-2010 press conference Talak said we need to be more sensitive and responsible towards ecology and environment of Goa while looking forward to have good quality of life for all. He told Goans to rise above material and monetary considerations while working for the balanced socio-economic development of all sections of people in the state without losing their identity.
Talak said that we must come forward with planned developmental activities not at the cost of losing identity, ecology, environment and the social fabric. He said, “Greed for achieving development at any cost” is likely to demolish the socio-economic and cultural edifice of not only Goa but the whole country. 
Talak expressed his determination to continuously work on film projects which will help in preserving environment, ecology, forests, water bodies and above all the social fabric. 
Expressing his concern over large scale mining activities, Talak recommended eco friendly industrialization besides regulating number of tourists in Goa. He said sanitation, health and hygiene, water and electric supply and other essential services have been getting affected due to uncontrolled influx of tourists and visitors. He also recommended setting up medical tourism infrastructure in the State which would help in building the image of Goa in a different manner.