Krishna home video sales touch Rs 70 million

MUMBAI;Sales of DVDs and VCDs of animation film Krishna have set a record in the home video segment with Gipsy Video selling over 3,00,000 units in one month.

Says Gipysy Video managing director Shashikant Chedda, “The home segment of Krishna has fetched us over Rs 70 million (Rs seven crore). Hanuman had fetched the same figure from box-office windows and Rs 50 million (Rs five crore) from the home video market. During the ongoing FICCI fest, we will announce another animated film, a historical film.”

Adds Chedda, “Making an animation film is cheaper in India as compared to Western countries, as it costs around Rs 40 to 80 million (Rs four to eight crore). The demand for films based on Indian super heroes like Hanuman, Krishna and Ganesha is rising in foreign countries, having a huge Indian population. The home video of these films is a much cheaper option for NRIs as well as local Indians as the ticket rates in the theaters outside as well as in India are skyrocketing.”

Animated film Krishna was directed by Aman Khan with music composed by Rajendra Shiv. Gipsy Video has earlier made animation videos like Vikram aur Betal, Akbar and Birbal and The Panchatantra Series, alongwith licensed animation series like Tin Tin, Spiderman, He-Man, Popeye and Asterix.

Ashok Anchan

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