Kunal Kapoor happy to be a part of Lamhaa


MUMBAI: Kunal Kapoor has completed the shooting of his film, Lamhaa. Directed by Rahul Dholakia and produced by Bunty Walia, Lamhaa is based in Kashmir and Kunal plays one of the most vitriolic characters he has ever portrayed on celluloid.

Explaining his role in Lamhaa, the actor revealed, "I play a man who has experienced a lot of violence in his young life and follows the path of violence, since it has been indoctrinated into him at a tender age. But soon the character realizes it is futile and gets into politics."

Talking about the character in detail, Kunal explained, "They say that politics is the last resource of a scoundrel. However in Lamhaa, we have broken that myth. My character joins politics to make sure that the change he wants to make in society is initiated and his voice is heard."

The film’s first schedule was shot in Kashmir, and a majority of it in various studios in Mumbai. There were security problems galore. Notwithstanding, Kunal is glad he has done this film and considers it an important film in his career.

However, the release date of this film, along with many others lies in the balance. With the multiplex and producers issue looking nowhere being resolved soon, Lamhaa may have to wait for some time to be seen by film audiences.