‘Kurbaan & New York are not similar though both films have explored the same subject’ – Rensil D’Silva


    Rensil D'Silva
    Rensil D’Silva
    Rensil D’Silva, the ad film maker turned writer, who rose to fame for writing the cult film Rang De Basanti, has now turned director with his debut film for Dharma Productions.

    D’Silva is extremely excited about his upcoming film and in the meanwhile has put all his writing assignments on hold as he concentrates on the post production of his film tentatively titled Qurbaan. The movie, which stars Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Vivek Oberoi is slated to release on 27 November, 2009.

    Taking time out from his busy schedule, D’Silva spoke to Businessofcinema.com about what is closest to his heart right now – his film Kurbaan.


    There’s been a lot of speculation about the title of your film, it was earlier called Jehaad and now it’s been titled Kurbaan. So is this the final title or are you still looking at other options?
    Kurbaan is a tentative title. We are also looking at some other titles and we should take a call on that soon.

    What is Kurbaan all about?
    It’s a film that is based on terrorism and it’s a thriller.

    Is it true that the story of Kurbaan is similar to the recently released film New York? Both the films are based on terrorism and both the films have been shot in New York and Philadelphia.
    No, I would not say that the two films are similar, though both the films have explored the same subject. The subject has been explored in a completely different way in my film. The audience will be able to see how different both the films are once they watch it.

    Did you watch New York? What did you think of it?

    Yes, I did and I think it was a very well made film.

    Dharma Productions is known for their love stories and family dramas. What made you choose a subject like this for your debut directorial venture?

    It was just something that I wanted to speak about and the story idea is actually Karan’s. Only the screenplay has been written by me. This film is unlike the other Dharma films but it too has a love story to tell.

    How did you decide to cast Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Viveik Oberoi for the film?
    Strangely, these were the names on my wish list and luckily they all said yes. They all fit the role perfectly and I can’t think of any other three actors for the parts.

    You have been directing commercials for a long time. What made you switch from ad films to feature films?
    Yes I’ve been directing commercials for almost 10 years, so a feature film was a natural progression. Even though the preparation for an ad and a feature are the same, the whole process of making a feature film is exciting and challenging.

    What are your expectations from Kurbaan?
    I can’t say much about my expectations but I just hope that the audience loves the film.

    What about your writing projects? Are you penning a script for anyone at the moment?
    No, as of now I am only concentrating on the post production of Kurbaan and I have put all my writing assignments on hold. I will resume my writing work once my film releases.

    Are you planning to direct any other film after Kurbaan?
    Yes I have three scripts with me and I plan to start work on one of them immediately after Kurbaan.