L.A. based in-film agency in Bollywood

In-film advertising is gaining ground. Propaganda GEM, the Los Angeles based in-film product placements, promotions and events Company is now entering India. According to sources, the company will tie-up with a local partner for expertise on the film industry, rates and back-end support.

Propaganda GEM that has brands like Bang & Olufsen, Bentley, Casio, Lacoste, Lamborghini, Panasonic, Nokia and TAG Heuer in its kitty will be the first global giant to enter the country in the brand entertainment segment. Interestingly, it is likely to promote local brands in Hollywood too.

Feyo Kolff is the representative of Propaganda GEM in India. They are planning to set up an office and forge a partnership by next year.

“We found India to be the largest entertainment market. We have offices in Geneva, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, Moscow, Sydney and Europe. We are currently in talks with leading Bollywood producers and media giants. On the whole, we are following the company’s sole motto- think global and act local.”says Kolff

The company’s largest product placements and promotions include Panasonic in Tomb Raider 2, Lamborghini in Mission Impossible 3, Nokia in Minority Report, Matrix and Charlie’s Angels 2 and Audi in Transporter 2

Ashok Anchan

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