Lahore becomes first Indian film to be re- made in Hollywood


    MUMBAI: Director Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan’s film, Lahore will be the first ever Indian film to have its remake in Hollywood. Hollywood production house, Hollywood Gang, have approached Chauhan to acquire all the required right for the remake of the film.


    Chauhan himself might direct the film with an all new cast from Hollywood, and it is believed to have an amalgamation of some big names there.


    “Yes it is true that we have been approached by Hollywood Gang director of development, Scott Carr. I would say it is an honor for me and my film that after having so much of accolade from all over will now be remade in Hollywood. Even in the original film I had a lot of international crew like Wayne Sharpe who did the background score, Tony Leung, our action director, international vocalist Lisbeth Scott who sung for the film, and Rob Miller, who served as our Sports Consultant and must say they added the authenticity that my film always needed. One of the reasons people like my film was its quality and for sure all my crew left no stone unturned for achieving the best possible quality. I have been requested to sell all the rights for remake of the film and yes there might be a possibility of myself directing the film again, with an all new international cast and crew, which will a big challenge and responsibility for me,” said Chauhan.


    Lahore was released in India by Warner Bros. and was produced by Sai Om Film Pvt. Ltd. The story of Lahore is about a sportsperson Veerender Singh from India, played by debutant Aanaahad who aspires to revenge a long forgotten wrong doing and restore lost pride. Will he be able to retain the pride of his country as well as fulfill his wish and retaliate back for one ill event that changed his life forever? Is what the story takes you through.


    Though many Indian actors have worked in Hollywood and vice versa and many Hollywood films have had their remake here in Bollywood, but for an Indian film to have its remake there is a big achievement for the Indian Entertainment Industry. However, what is to be seen is whether Hollywood Gang, will have the original script restored in the remake or use the cinematic liberty to match the tastes of foreign audiences?


    Chauhan says, “I would hand over the rights only on one condition that my script is not tampered with, whether I direct the film there or anyone else does. I know that my script is very original and I don’t think it requires any changes as it is a universal subject.”