Lara Dutta on Zoom’s Let’s Talk


MUMBAI: After her recent film releases like Jhoom Barabar Jhoom and Partner, Lara Dutta will feature in a heart-to-heart talk on the Zoom’s celebrity chat show Let’s Talk on 8 August at 8 pm.

Talking about her booming career graph, Lara speaks about her first experience of working with Salman Khan in Partner and the fun she had during the shooting of Bhagam Bhag. Lara speaks candidly about how frustrated she was when the media only associated her as a glam diva and did not give her enough credibility for her acting.

Lara is a linguistic at heart and is fluent in French and Spanish too. While she was shooting for Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, she had requested all the crew members to speak in a proper French accent, so that she could pick it up faster.

She is not a party animal and prefers watching movies in the multiplexes where she enjoys the whole experience of eating popcorn like any other cinema goer. Lara loves meeting people and never hides her identity in public places. She is looking forward to writing scripts for films and after acting she plans to move on to directing films as well.