Lata Mangeshkar sings for a Kangaroo!

Lata Mangeshkar
MUMBAI: Lata Mangeshkar has many unbreakable records to her credit. But this one really and truly takes the cake.

Her voice in a very popular maternal song Chanda hai tu mera suraj hai tu from the 1969 blockbuster Aradhana has been used to bring out the maternal instincts of a kangaroo in an advertisement.

Initially hordes of  fans and friends from across the world rang up to express outrage and resentment at what they saw as a sacrilege.

But the ever-self deprecating Goddess Of All Melodious things stumped all the naysayers by telling them to chill.

Far from being insulted or outraged by her voice being used in the animal kingdom Lataji is tickled amused and entertained to hear her voice used in this unusual way.

Says the Nightingale, “I wasn’t even aware of this ad where my voice was used in this very unusual way. But then when I saw it I saw no harm in in it. In fact I am quite happy . A mother is a mother even it she’s a kangaroo, right?”

Having given the innovative ad a clean chit Lataji gets nostalgic, “During my long career as a singer I’ve sung for every situation and character. I’ve sung mothers’ songs, sisters’ songs, daughters’ songs, Bhabhi’s songs. I’ve sung as the beloved and the mistress. I’ve even sung for side actresses and vamps. But I’ve never sung for an animal before, and that too a mother’s song for a kangaroo. Bas ab yehi baqi reh gaya tha.”

Getting progressively positive on the issue, Lataji says, “And what makes me happy is that they’ve used my original song and not a re-mix. I am quite scared of hearing my songs being put through some strange process of alteration that makes the composition seem quite unrecognizable. Sometimes I hear some song that sounds distantly familiar. It turns out to be  a re-mix of  one of my numbers. Use my songs by all means. Don’t abuse them.”